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GANYOBI is a collective presence on the internet of members of the Ga-Dangme communities in the diaspora and in the motherland of Ghana .

This collective presence is cordinated by Numo Notse Amartey

Numo's  thoughts , expressed in his writings are presented here for others to read and comment on.

We are commonly committed to the principles of freedom and justice for all within the context of a united and progressive Ghana


1.Ganyobi on the Question of Accra Lands
2.Educating the Uneducated and Miseducated
3.Epistle to Kwaku Danso


4.Historical Note of Correction 1
5.Historical Note of Correction 2
6.History, Ethno-Politics and Ghana part 1
7.History, Ethno-politics and ghana Part 2
8.Of Eccentrics, Ghanacentrics, Tribalists and Ethno-federalists
9.Of Liberals , Eurocentrics and Africans Part 2
10.Of Liberals, Eurocentrics and Africans: Part 1 
11.Our Past, Present and Future 1
12.Our Past, Present and Future part2
13.Our Past, Present and Future Part 3
14.Our past, present and Future Part 4
15.Political and Historical Notes of Correction
16.Simple Lies and Complex Truths: Democracy, Hypocrisy, Baidoo & Co
17.Simple Lies, Complex truths : Majorities, Minorities and the Rest of Us
18.Why Ghana is not playing ball : Ganyobi on Ghana's Soccer Famine


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